Someone Was Paying Attention.

With a changing marketing landscape comes new innovation.  Hence the recent launch of Virurl.   The Virurl team has taken the power/concept of sharing to the next level and have created a human-powered advertising engine for online content. The Virurl platform empowers advertisers to create instant viral campaigns by paying internet users to share video, articles, music, games, and other media with their friends anywhere on the web. Advertisers include

  • Businesses
  • Music labels
  • Media companies
  • Games/ Apps
  • Movie/TV Studios
  • Bloggers.

Whether the advertiser wants to promote traffic to their blog or new movie trailer Virurl promotes traffic by incentivizing users to click for a reward.  The users selects the content most relevant to them and their friends and then share via email, Facebook, Stumbleupon, Tumblr, Myspace, or by posting it on their own blog.  Just to demonstrate the true effectiveness of sharing, “Since launching, 5% of its (Virurl’s) users are powering 80% of the sharing traffic.”  From a users perspective what can be better than receiving useful content and getting paid for sharing it with people they know.  Users have the option of donating their clicks to the charity of their choice (American Red Cross, Charity: Water, etc.) or accumulating them in cash in the form of Amazon or Paypal.  The possibilities are endless with sharing content on Virurl.

Marketplace for Good Content – Interview with VIRURL CEO, Francisco Diaz-Mitoma

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