Why so Content?

As I am sure you have heard, content marketing is all the rage in the social media world and there is a valid reason for it, it’s effective.  To begin, let’s first define what content marketing is and discuss how it is different from other types of marketing.  Content marketing is any marketing plan that involves engaging potential and current consumers through the creation and sharing of relevant, high-quality, and useful content.

Content Marketing is more advantageous because it is almost the reverse of traditional marketing.  The new approach offers an exchange versus an interruption.  Instead of trying to attract consumer’s attention by interrupting customers with ads, content marketing offers wanted or needed content in exchange for attention. In turn, maintaining reader’s attention and cultivating brand loyalty.  You may be asking, well what fuels this? The answer is sharing!! No longer do potential consumers pay attention to things like banner ads, text ads, or email ads.  These old techniques only create clutter, plus they can’t be shared.  Statistics show that only 14 % of consumers trust advertisements.    This creates an almost nonexistent influence on the prospective consumer.    In contrast today, 75% of people find news online because another person shared it with them.  Furthermore, 78% of consumers trust peer recommendations.  Content marketing naturally creates a targeted audience, due to the fact that people are being provided with content they want or need, which then provokes them to share with people that trust them.  The mixture of trust, sharing, and content produces the perfect marketing strategy.

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