Top 10 Tips for Virurl –


So you have relevant, high-quality, and useful content that needs attention.   No problem.  We will help advertise your video, articles, music, games, and other media. We do this by rewarding users for sharing content.  It’s straightforward, just click on “Advertise” on the top right hand corner of and you are on your way to creating a marketing campaign for your content.  Sit back, relax and watch your traffic grow.   Here’s what you can do to make sure your content is as attractive as it possible. 

1.  There are people out there:  There are people out there at this very moment that need and want your content.  With this in mind, it is important to evaluate who exactly your target audience or niche is.  Make sure when creating your ad that you select the most applicable “Category and Coverage”.  Should it be shown under the “Women” tab or the “Humor” tab?   Also should be only available to the U.S or worldwide. Virurl’s options allow you to customize and reach out to your specific niche.

2. Choice of words and wording: Words have strong emotions tied to them, when it comes to your title choose them wisely. What do think of when you read or hear the word icy, lavish, gnarliest, and augmented? Words like this prompt the imagination. Grab attention by using adjectives to create imagery and the want to find out more.

3.  Short and Sweet:  Stats show that advertisers that use short titles produce higher traffic than long titles.  With the help of careful wording this gives the readers a sense if they want to read it or not.  Most users/readers don’t want to spend lots of time reading a long drawn out title.  Look at Twitter, they caught on and cut their word limit down to 140 characters.      

4.  Sick of forgetting to advertise your freshly published content? Virurl has taken care of this issue by allowing you the option of a “single ad” or “automated ad”. In this instance you would chose “automated ad” because it automatically creates an ad each time new content is published.   This is convenient if you have a blog that you are constantly updating and don’t have time to make a new ad for each one.

5. Being familiar with the Content Marketing Environment:

  • Social sharing service AddThis, reports, 75% of clicks on a share will happen within the first day that the content is shared.
  • Most users click within 2 minutes of a share

(Knowing this helps you understand your analytics better. )

  • Sharing has a 50% higher user engagement than searching.
  • 52% of those people share the link with someone else.

(These stats allow you to feel confident about choosing to use Virurl.)

6. Longer life: Compared to banners the content on Virurl yearning attention has a much longer life span than banners.  You actually have the power to decide on its duration when creating a campaign.  The life span is also longer because since it is sharable it will stay on that user’s social media platform, often times never being deleted.

7.  No need to be over the top: As a content creator you have probably already established your own writing style and tone.  This being said, it is still important to remember people tend to dislike reading or engaging in material that is over the top and flushed with unneeded information or a dishonest tone.  Just be yourself and keep to the truthful facts and details.

8. Thumbnails Matter:  When creating your campaign make sure to choose/upload an eye-catching thumbnail that accurately represents your content.  Statistics show using an engaging design, logo, or picture for the thumbnail results in more clicks.

9. Engagement: Not only attract attention, but engage the user with a video to watch, audio to listen to, or a game to play.  This creates a higher satisfaction rate, along with setting you content apart from the rest out there.

10.  How Virurl is different and what that means for you: We differ from our competitors in a variety of ways:

  • Advanced Click Protection– Users are only paid for valid ads, protecting your pocket.
    • Performance based- If for some reason you don’t receive clicks then you don’t pay, no risk involved
    • Free search engine optimization (SEO)-Comes along with Virurl advertising your content

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