How To Get Your Video Viral!

There is no need to become discouraged that every minute 48 hours of video is uploaded to YouTube.  According to Kevin Alloca, YouTube’s trend manager there are 3 main components that will help your video get noticed and go viral.

How it happens:

1. Tastemaker

2. Participation

 3. Unexpectedness.

 What exactly is a Tastemaker? They can be any age, any gender, and any race, but what they all have in common is that they are extremely influential.  Tastemakers can be very beneficial to businesses.  They are the trendsetters and the leaders of whats “in”.   Remember Kony 2012, of course you do? What spread the word about it were tastemakers.     George Clooney is an example of a stellar  tastemaker .  In his passion to stop the evil acts of Joseph Kony he began tweeting from the hashtag #StopKony.    This action provoked others to follow, pay attention, and retweet the video campaign.  Undoubtedly, it  spilled over to other social media platforms spreading like wild fire “Kony 2012” has obtained 90 million views and counting. Clooney among others created an active community that didn’t just share links, but also donated to the Invisible Children Charity.   Another example is Jimmy Kimmel.  He tweeted about a random video called Double Rainbow video with the personal message of “funniest video in the world”. Before we knew it, it had 33 million views.  In other words, the tastemaker offers a point of view and then shares, resulting in a community. helps you to do this easily through peer to peer sharing via your favorite social media platforms. You find a hilarious video that you know your twitter community will just love.  You tweet it add a personal message accompanied by the link and you have just become a tastemaker!

Participation basically equates to engagement.  In an often cluttered media world it is important for company’s to define how they want users to participate/interact with their product.  Do they want them to share it, comment on it, or retweet it? A call to action is the best approach.  Sometimes clicking is just not enough.  People don’t only want to just enjoy content, but also participate.  Take the Rebecca Black video, people were so intrigued that they set out to make their own “Friday” video. Now there are 10,000 parodies of it. exuberantly promotes participation.  Virurl incentivizes readers to share relevant content with their friends in turn for money.   This becomes almost like a game with the goal to rack up as many points as possible by sharing.

 Unexpectedness helps your video stand out among the tons of other content being uploaded.   This is obtained through humor, taking a new approach and adding a twist. An original campaign, that was never before  seen is the OldSpice  heroic video collection.  Lets remember they are selling the least glamorous product of all, deodorant.  If they can do it anyone can.  Check out our favorite,

Kevin Allocca: Why Videos go Viral

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