Why Content Marketing is the Best Format for Advertising

Even Don Draper from “Mad Men” wouldn’t survive in today’s advertising world without seriously considering the advantages of using content marketing. His old fashioned techniques of interrupting consumers with commercials and billboards would not fly well today.  In today’s world people are looking for something engaging to grasp their attention.  This is exactly what content marketing does.  Content creators engage the consumer by providing content that they want or need in exchange for their attention.  Engaging doesn’t stop at the consumer clicking and reading the content, it goes further.  If the published content is relevant enough to the consumer they more than likely will be intrigued to share it with someone else causing it to go viral.  The likelihood that content will go viral with this new approach is much higher than traditional marketing.  Take a banner ad it has a high barrier to consumption.   It probably won’t grab attention in the first place, plus it can’t be shared. Privacy concerns are also a reason for the decline in banner ads.    For content marketing there is a lower barrier to consumption. There is less of need to ask for personal information due to analytics that provide much more valuable information to advertisers.

Like everything in life there are some challenges to content marketing.  One challenge is in defining content.  It comes in so many forms; movies, games, music, articles.  It is important to make sure the content you are producing is high-quality, useful, and relevant to a particular niche.  It shouldn’t be a plain advertisement because that is reverting back to the old ways.  If you are trying to sell a product, valuable content must be surrounding it.     Also selecting a content creator can be a daunting task.  It is important to notice their writing style and tone.  See if it compliments your product or company.  Usually a knowledgeable, helpful, and friendly tone is the best way to start off.  As the content creator’s voice becomes stronger, it should also become more persuasive, accompanied by opinions.  Although, everyone might not agree with those opinions they can generate a conversation.   Content creators who are innovative and yearning to captivate often are the best.  By keeping content short and sweet, while conveying the whole idea is not the easiest.  Statistics show that consumers are spending less and less time reading.   This means that content creators have to effectively sum up all of the beneficial information about a company in a very small amount of words. This calls for colorful adjectives and bold, catchy statements.  In conclusion, content marketing is still a challenge even if you are Don Draper.

This is why Virurl was created!  We understand the benefits and challenges to content marketing and have created a content sharing platform that addresses both.  Engagement is a main ingredient to our “viral” recipe.  Virurl incentivizes users by offering them points that translate into cash to share content.  Users do have to make sure that the person they shared with is likely to click on it because if they, they won’t receive points.  This in turn, prevents users from bombarding others with content that they will never read and decrease trust.  In addition, it protects advertisers who use our platform. The advertiser doesn’t pay if they don’t get clicks.  With our name being Virurl we better be experts at getting content to go viral.  At Virurl we screen our content whether it is a video or article to make sure it is high-quality before we offer it to our users to share.  We understand that undesirable content will not be successful in going viral.  In thinking about advertisers, our easy to create campaign automatically puts the created content into an appealing and short version for users to view before they click. Virurl helps promote content marketing from the side of the advertiser and consumer.

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