Why Ads Should Be Social

Before launching an ad, advertisers must decide what type of advertisement to utilize.  Email advertising, banner advertising, social advertising….? As the social media landscape evolves it is becoming more apparent that social is the path to choose. Email is still frequently used, but now people split their time between social media sites.  The average click-through rate (CTR) of an email is 5.9%   For banner advertising it is a 2% CTR.   Banners have become such interruptions that people no longer click on them because they have trained their eyes to stay in the middle of the page.   By nature people are social creatures and have a need to interact with each other.  Social advertising perfectly aligns with this.  People look to each other for the next cool thing, or the latest news story. Think about it.   How did you find out about Gotye’s “Somebody I used to know” song?  (If you haven’t heard or seen it has gone completely viral) Or how did you find out that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are dating?  I would have to say YouTube and Facebook.  To further back this up, studies show that 78% of consumers trust peer recommendations, in contrast to the 14% that trust advertisements. No longer is marketing done purely by the business.   It is mostly done by people and their communities.  There are tastemakers that are the leaders or trendsetters that do the majority of influencing and then there are the followers.  Both parties share.    People maintain their credibility and make sure not to annoy their friends by making certain that the content they are sharing is relevant to their friends.   It is the same concept as word of mouth, just online opposed to in person.  As the content spreads it evolves. People start talking and forming opinions about it creating a rich community.

As an advertiser it must be realized that social advertising must be utilized with a strategy, accompanied by persistence.  The strategy must involve engagement and participation to reap the full benefits. The advertiser must decide if their campaign will be short or long term.  Also measuring success by ROI can be more complicated than email or banner ROI measurements. 

Using Virurl as an advertising platform takes care of the persistence part of the equation.  By incentivizing users to share content it makes sure advertisers receive well rounded exposure on various social media platforms. When launching a Virurl advertising campaign the option of its duration and the audience is first asked.  This makes certain that the content efficiently reaches its targeted audience.    Virurl also alleviates the hassle of tracking analytics. Once launched it is easy to keep track of the budget, amount spent, time left, rank and most importantly amount of paid clicks.  Measuring ROI will never be confusing again with Virurl.  The potential and  benefits of social advertising make much more sense than traditional methods.

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