4 Lessons we can learn about Content Marketing from Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian: The Queen of Branding teaches us something about Marketing

Whether you agree with her lifestyle or not, you most likely know who Kim Kardashian is and what she is all about….herself.

Kim is a superstar at branding herself and she does so through closely calculated content marketing strategies.

1. Don’t be M.I.A 

This is a woman who reportedly received $25,000 for tweeting one tweet about the brand Armani. Kim is valued for her consistency in terms of staying in conversations and being active in so many different ones.  With 14 million and counting Twitter followers she has to keep them entertained almost on an hourly basis.  She has a frequent and vibrant presence in everything, from Twitter to TV.  This is why hundreds of brands are begging for her endorsement.  Make tweeting and posting a daily routine and it will pay off.

2. Be Creative

Kim is far from shy about posting pictures of herself.  You know what that is okay because she fully grasps what it is she is branding and thoroughly embraces it. Along with her pictures she unfailingly has text that compliments her personality or the product she is endorsing.  Images and graphics are great components to a Facebook post or Tweet.  A visual catches a person’s attention who is in a hurry and doesn’t have time to read.  Often times an engaging picture is what is needed to provoke the viewer to follow through and read your content.  You have been told time and time again “Just be yourself” and it is true. If you regularly speak loudly use exclamation points in your writing.  If you talk using big adjectives, write with big adjectives.  This creates a personal tone, giving the reader a sense of who you are and what you are marketing.  There are so many other people out there competing for the same attention as you. Stand out by being different.  

3.Incentivize Me

Being boring on the internet is a sure way to lose consumers and potential consumers.  Kim and the companies she endorses eliminate this issue by implementing marketing campaigns like sweepstakes and contests to promote the product.  Her latest one is for Midori. It is a “If you help me, I’ll help you” mentality.  People are asked to  do something all day at work why not them get them excited about your product or content by getting them excited with incentives.  Virurl also does it by provoking people to share content for cash incentives.

4. Mix it Up

Kim doesn’t always post identical content on all of her platforms.  She mixes it up.  She reserves Twitter for responding to followers who mention her. Her Facebook and Twitter somewhat overlap.  She also uses Facebook to help promote her freshly published blog posts.  It is worth noting, her Twitter and Facebook profile photos are the same.  Having a solid profile photo helps build a brand because it gives viewers a reinforcement of who is marketing across different platforms.  Her blog is updated on the daily and she is very interactive with the people commenting on her posts.  She also has various videos on her blog supporting her diversified branding endeavors.     Deciding on what content to repost can be difficult, but just remember to utilize the social media platforms for its valued capability.  For instance, Twitter only allows 140 characters, while Facebook allows many more.  Maybe a shout out to a consumer is better on Twitter, while a link with a thoughtful message is more appropriate for Facebook.

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