3 Content Marketing Lessons from President Barack Obama

President Obama a man who was defined by one word, CHANGE didn’t find himself in office without the aid of content marketing. 

President Obama and his marketing team prevailed the 2008 elections and continue to embrace content marketing as the next election quickly approaches.  They aren’t afraid to think outside the box or even poke fun if it means they get to Barack the vote.

1. Opportunities Galore

President Obama was giving a speech at a fundraiser and right before he went on stage found out  Al Green was in the audience. So what did he do? In his introduction he gave a shout out to Al Green and sang a bit of his song “Let’s Stay Together”.   Even before he began talking about his topic his likability was off the charts.   Allowing him an engaged and satisfied audience.   It is important to take advantage of any opportunity even if it is unexpected. Every day they are thrown at you, you just have to pay attention. How well you handle it defines the strength and knowledge of your company.  Sometimes it is okay to take yourself a little less seriously.

2. You could be invited to….

George Clooney, the President’s very good friend threw a fundraising dinner at his house in May for him.  The invitees consisted of Hollywood people, but also the few who won the raffle conducted by Obama’s marketing team.   A stunning $15 million dollars was raised, but not all in one night.  The Hollywood high rollers paid $40,000 a seat raising $6 million.  While the rest of profit came from the people donating to be entered to win dinner with the captivating President of the United States, who sings Al Green songs. By attracting people by creating once in a lifetime experiences promotes competition and drives  awareness and enthusiasm about your company.

3. Time to do some face to face  

President Obama is no stranger to commencement speeches.  His last one at Barnard (an all girls school) was the perfect place to discuss one of his main components to his campaign, the GOP’s “War on Women”. With the youth of the nation and tons of media in the audience he could not have had a better crowd ensuring his message to go viral.  Not sure if you are booked for a commencement speech, but there are many other public events that you can speak at.  If there is a upcoming conference in your field, why not sign up for a speaking spot?

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