Gene Simmons offers 3 Content Marketing Lessons

Gene Simmons, the man with the painted black and white face and the abnormally long tongue, has become a professional at content marketing.  By treating his band KISS more like a business than a band, he has come to understand what strategies work best in order to obtain a dedicated fan base. With his leadership, the legendary band KISS has sold 100 million records worldwide.  His latest undertaking is a reality show about his life titled “Gene Simmons Family Jewels”, which has been picked up for an eighth season.

1.  Pleasure to meet you 

Simmons stresses that knowing who your target audience is tremendously important.  Being unaware and distant with them is like talking to a wall.  Finding out who they are and what they are all about allows you to present them with relevant information grabbing their attention.  Before writing a tweet he takes the time to surf the web and see what’s being talked about. He searches for hot topics and issues being discussed.   This  helps him decide what to write about.  He might offer his input on these hot topics or offer resolutions to the problems.   Simmons is constantly responding to tweets hourly. A glimpse at his twitter will tell you that the recent   “hot topic” is his family.  Even though that might not be the easiest conversation he still responds to his devote fans.  On his Facebook page, he poses questions like “What was your favorite moment from this week’s episode?”  He is not afraid to get personal with his fans. Do you know the demographic of your user base?  If you do embrace whoever they are; age, gender, hobby, or occupation.  It may take some research or some question asking to get to know them better.

2. Catering to the Inner circle, but not ignoring the Outer

When Simmons is on stage singing “Rock ‘n Roll all Nite” he knows that the audience members in the front row own all of his records.  Those are the people he produces a lot of his content for. Although, he does keep a balance by creating content that pushes the boundaries to reach the outer circle of less dedicated fans and potential ones.  This allows for possible conversion.  When you have identified your target audience then figure out who is missing from the equation and see if there is a way your company could appeal to them.

3. “Nothing appeals to Everbody

Gene Simmon and the rest of the band of KISS understand that not everyone is going to enjoy  distinct costumes, painted faces, lyrics, and singing. Instead of wasting time on trying to change this they focus on maintaining their fan base by listening to them and playing to their requests.  Critics are inevitable, they are what make life challenging or least interesting.   Don’t take it personally when someone finds no interest at all in what you have to offer and posts it.   The next person will and won’t be shy about communicating it to the cyber world!

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