Lady Gaga’s 3 Lessons in Content Marketing

Everyone is aware of what Lady Gaga is up to or where she is located because she is constantly updating this information on all social platforms.  She believes in social networking so avidly that she has created her own called Little Monsters .  The site is a hybrid between Reddit and Pinterest and revolves around the Lady Gaga brand.  Seeing that she has already mastered YouTube with one music video receiving 141 million views, twitter with 23 million followers, and Facebook with 51 million likes it was time to move on .

1. Have the confidence to innovate

Lady Gaga has taken her content sharing to the next level and has invented Little Monsters.  Creating her own social networking site allows her the leverage to push her content without the competition found on the regular sites.  This is a brilliant move because it is the perfect environment for a vibrant community to flourish.  This community is full of fans connecting with other fans, sharing their own Gaga related work, and being exposed to her new work.  She has set this up so her “little monsters” do her marketing.  It maybe  a bit time consuming for you to reinvent the wheel like she has, but innovation on a smaller scale is definitely called for.   Existing social networks are also very conducive to growing a community, which Gaga has demonstrated. People to people sharing is a good idea to keep in mind when trying to do so.  It is proven that people have high trust levels towards their friends promoting the sharing the of content leading to it going viral. 

2. Supporting Charities

According to her social network sites Lady Gaga is keen on giving to non-profits.  In 2010 she boycotted her Facebook and Twitter pages until $1 million was raised for Alicia Key’s Keep a Child Alive charity.  In another one of her innovative and philanthropic endeavors, she has established Born This Way Foundation. This foundation supports the elimination of bullying, which she has been very vocal about dealing with in growing up.  People like to see someone successful give back it, it is a test of character.  Giving back is never a bad thing especially if it is timed and somehow relates to your content.  For instance, if you are marketing pet supplies why not start a fundraising campaign for ASPCA during pet awareness month.

3. Embrace Fans/Users   

Lady Gaga is so affectionate with her fans that she has dubbed them, her little monsters.  She values quality over quantity, even though it’s clear she has attained both.  She concentrates on building a trusted relationship and rewards them by offering them exclusive offers like behind the scenes content and such.  Your users need to know they matter and by giving them a little attention doesn’t hurt.  Maybe an “couple dollars off” or “for first 10 people to tweet..” campaigns and people will start talking about how great your company is.

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