3 Content Marketing Lessons from Justin Bieber

His 44 million Facebook page likes prove that Justin Bieber has infected his fans with the Bieber Fever and there is no cure in sight.  This young man was discovered on YouTube where he posted his content (home music videos).  Now he’s on Forbes’s list of 100 most powerful celebrities.

Video Components

Justin Bieber knew how to best get his content out there and noticed.  It was YouTube videos.  His current manager Scooter Braun discovered him on the site and the rest is history.  Video’s are great components for companies.  A video that describes how a company works or their mission statement is sometimes easier or more entertaining for users compared to written paragraphs.  Virurl did this when explaining how the site works in a video titled “Earn Money”, among other videos.

It’s all about finding the right Niche 

In 1996 Disney evaluated the radio landscape and realized that there were zero radio stations catering content to younger kids (tweens to be exact).  This is what inspired them to create “Radio Disney” and capitalize on the ignored niche.  This is where Justin Bieber came in.  He positioned himself look and lyric wise to best fit the “Radio Disney” station profile. His music found its perfect niche and since then has thrived.  Looking for an untapped niche is a smart tactic to allow for creativity and to cut down on competition.  As Mary Meeker points out everything slowly, but surely is moving to mobile.  Investing the time in creating content for mobile devices users could be a less slightly less competitive niche to focus on.

Setting the Mood

Justin Bieber knows how to set the mood not just by his catchy songs, but also by his writing style.  He makes sure to always be positive when making a statement.  He’s currently touring the world and probably completely exhausted, but maintains  optimistism.  For example, “Great time in Germany. Can’t wait to see you all again on the #believetour next year”.   This tweet received many responses, including the German supermodel Heidi Klum.  Even when you are having a rough day projecting positive updates is always more compelling than complaining. This doesn’t mean being dishonest, it just means putting a twist on things. 

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