Viral Content is Catching

Do any of these keywords ring a bell?  Unless you are living in a hole the answer is yes.  Over 4 days the top Google keywords include, sporting events, tech, a crime story, the music industry, and the entertainment industry.  The majority of the keywords are positive stories; of course this fluctuates daily depending on what is happening in the world.

There is a significant chance that you contributed to these topics going viral.   Take the controversial June 10th, Pacquiao vs Bradley boxing fight.   There has been 100’s of YouTube videos created and uploaded.  The trending videos range from clips of the fight, to angry fans debating the results, to the small amount of delighted fans, to interviews of the boxers. These videos have thousands of views and comments galore The people who watched the fight have taken on the role of content creators and publisher, in turn making the topic go viral.

Then there is the top keyword, LA Kings.  Lately, the King’s winning the Stanley Cup has been the media’s favorite story.  When searched on Google the team’s latest scores come up, along with online newspaper results.  Here journalists are being the content creators and publishers and publishing related stories in online newspapers like the Los Angeles times and Boston Herald.  This topic had viral capabilities because it applies to a large audience.  Think about it. You don’t have to be a die heart hockey fan to care about following the Kings.   If you are an Angelino you mostly likely want to be informed about your city’s victories at least for bragging purposes.  Reading the different Sports articles gets people excited and talking.  It seems like suddenly everyone now is a King’s fan.  On Facebook many have expressed their congratulatory remarks to the team. All of this different commenting and content creating cultivates a rich community.  A community that grows stronger and bigger as time goes on as long as people stay engaged. 

Going Viral

In evaluating these top trends it is smart to ask why and how? For instance, why is Apple a top trend? It released its new Mac Book Pro.  Ok, well why do people care? Because they might be loyal to the brand, in the market for a new laptop, competitors, etc. In answering why it answers the question how the topic went viral. It takes more than hope for a piece of content to go viral. It starts with a note worthy story.   In this context story is not meant in a “Little Red Riding Hood” type of way, but in a marketing context.  A company creates content that tells a story about their brand.  As discussed in the previous blogs. Maybe it’s a video or article presenting new found information.   If this is done the story will provoke people’s thoughts and opinions.  This will promote them to share, comment, and create.

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