Viral happens Every Day

Everyday something or someone goes viral on the web. It’s the one thing you can count on happening each day. Most everyone can name at least 4 of the top viral videos from the past year no problem.  The content that goes viral that day is often the topic of the office lunch room, or the low down at school, or even maybe the highlight of your day. These interactions contribute to the content going viral.

The type of content that goes viral ranges from hilarious song covers to heartfelt articles  ……

Here are a few from this past week:

1. “Call Me Maybe” by Carly Rae Jepsen is all the rage on the radio these days.  It’s that tune that you’re probably secretly obsessed with, but would never tell a soul.  The song’s simple, but catchy tune and lyrics have attracted tons of people.  So much so they have been inspired to make various covers of it.

 Description: Published on June 13th : 869,035 shares in last 7 days 3,737,337 views…impressive

This video has 2 things going for it.  A popular song and hot models.  Content Creators every day have the chance to create something for the world to see without spending lots of money. Take a second to realize how much creative power people have.  This video was simple to make. Models with their shirt on running around random locations lip syncing a popular song.

2. The article titled “Adele brings kid back from Coma” is a touching story that you have probably ran across or read in your Facebook news feed.

Description: Published June 19th

This type of content  has viral capacity not just because it is involves a major celebrity, but because it reaches and registers with people’s emotions.  There is such a large amount of negative news being reported that when a heartfelt story with a positive ending comes out it grabs the attention of people needing some inspiration.

3. Father’s Day presents the perfect video prompt.  The possibilities are endless. Jimmy Kimmel ran an episode where he collected clips and recaps of kids spraying their Dad’s with hoses. He then added it to his YouTube Channel.  Not the most loving gesture, but in 1 day has proved to be a viral one.

YouTube Challenge-Hey Jimmy Kimmel, I sprayed My Dad with a Hose

Description: Published June 20th 64,213 views ….very good start

Paying attention to holidays, times, and days when creating and publishing are important details to consider. If it had been possible to post this video actually on Father’s Day it might have even gone more viral than it has.

4. The Jersey Shore crew is not at all shy especially when it comes to being half naked on a beach.  These pictures of the silly bunch  are being picked up by the majority of media outlets and people are noticing.

Take a Peek!

Description: Published June 21st (Today), gaining more comments, tweet, and likes as you read this

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