Storytelling Prevails

Whoever said storytelling is only used for bedtime?  It is the impactful strategy that corporations and companies of the like depend on to sell their products, services, and messages to the world. Chipotle the fast food restaurant has recently demonstrated the power of storytelling by winning the Cannes Grand Prix at the Cannes Lions Festival’s first branded content and entertainment contest. The 2 minute “Back to the Start” campaign in conjunction with Chipotle’s Cultivate Foundation gained exposure via online, TV, and movie theatres. Mr. Savar one of the contest’s judges commented, “The story is core.”  When a brand has a solid story and an innovative way to tell it people actually want to watch and listen.

Chipotle- Back to the Start- Cultivate A Better World

Description:  6,593,605 views, Published: August 25, 2011 Awarded: Cannes Grand Prix

Savar expresses one the reasons the video won was because, “It was about an emotional connection with an audience.” The components of this video campaign include a relevant topic of sustainable farming and healthy eating, combined with #1 Hit song by Willie Nelson-Coldplay’s The Scientist, and quality animation.  The “Back to the Start” video actually made Willie Nelson’s cover a #1 hit by encouraging viewers to download the song, with proceeds donated to the Chipotle Cultivate Foundation.  This played as the engagement factor, as well as monetization for the foundation.

Bottom line

Storytelling is pertinent in provoking emotions.  Often times having an intriguing story to tell, accompanied by compelling audio features, engagement components, and creativity will do just that.  The Cannes Lion’s festival decided to include branded content and entertainment into the contest because it obvious that it is the new, effective way to get the word out about a brand.

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