What’s on the Viral Radar this Week?

What’s going viral? Well thats an easy question to answer. Between the approaching Olympic games and obnoxious pop songs people have much to discuss.  This week it is safe to say it is all about building excitement for upcoming events and the creation of parodies. 


The brand DC shoes is no longer only selling shoes.  The brand has branched out into sporting events like surfing and auto racing.  In this video they highlight their auto racing by creating a short film of driver  Ken Block rapidly maneuvering his way through the infamous city of San Francisco.

Description: Published July 9, 2012  in last 3 days 12,617,237 views 

The DC brand logo is shown in almost every shot.  Making it very obvious who the short film is promoting.  The location of this piece of content is an influential variable to why it has gone viral.  San Francisco is not only an extremely hilly city making it perfect for an auto race, but everyone is familiar with it it.  Think about if this race was set in Dresden, Ohio.  It would be a little bit less epic.  Agree? Location often matters.


Only 15 days until the 2012 Summer Olympics commence. P&G a major sponsor of the international event is vigorously spreading the word and stirring emotions in every way possible.

  Description: Published Jul 10, 2012 in last 2 days  434,405 views 

One word KIDS.   People love them.  This campaign directly touches the emotions of anyone who has children or any relationship with one.   In this case, P&G was selectively targeting moms.   With the line at the end “To their Moms, they’ll always be kids” theres no debate who P & G is targeting.  The Olympics by default is an emotionally charged event and they aligned with that theme.   Understanding your target audience and building on them as much as possible is key.   It is always important to remember that you can’t please every single person, but you can please someone.  P & G passionately targeted mothers and in doing so attracted others as well.

3. Sesame Street: Share It Maybe

This  parody is NOT new to our viral list. The popularity of the song “Call Me Maybe” does not seem to be burning out any time soon. Whether you like it or not…..

Description: Published July 10 in last 2 days 3,233,409 views 

Sesame Street saw an opportunity and jumped on it.   It was as simple as changing the lyrics and riding the original song’s  viral wave. Altering  the lyrics to fit a specific theme is often a witty technique that viewers like.  Viewers appreciate the effort and the absurdity.

4. Apps Are Ruining My Life

Lets be honest, Jenna Marbles’ middle name is viral. Jenna is one of those content creators that viewers can’t get enough of.  It doesn’t matter if she is talking about her dog or apps she has us under her marbelous spell.

Published: Jul 11, 2012  in 1 day 763,299 views 

by JennaMarbles

Jenna has successfully created a name for herself on YouTube.   She has the talent of making people laugh and speechless. She does this by selecting extremely relevant topics to talk about. Everyone has played with an app or at least heard about them.  The other reason why she captivates people’s attention is she is herself.  She doesn’t try to recite a script or act.  She just speaks her mind and expresses how she feels.   

5. That Gotye Song

Not another parody. Well we promise this one is hilarious, you have to watch the entire video to get the full effect.

Published: July 11th in 1 day 527,352 views 

This video was cheap and relatively easy to produce.  Two guys in a car….passionately singing Gotye “Somebody I used to Know” is a recipe for viral content.  It is exciting to think that the idea you and your buddies thought up last Saturday can be a hit if executed at the right time.  This video was released at time where most everyone is feeling similarly about this song.  Radio stations devoutly play it about 10 times every hour.  Most agree it is getting old, but are too embarrassed to admit that they still love it.  If this was released 3 months earlier it probably wouldn’t have gotten the attention it’s getting now.     

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