That is so Viral?

It’s that time again to announce what content has been going viral these past few days. The web enables a large range of content to go viral. For instance, people have been fanatically viewing everything from space footage to a Flo Rida music video. The possibilities are endless when it comes to what and how a story is told via video or written content.

1. Flo Rida -Whistle
Flo Rida is not a newbie to being viral material, but his music video brings up an interesting point. His music video “Whistle” went viral for a while, then its stats dipped, now only recently in the past few days has it increased again.

Description: Published May 24,2012 Total: 42,541,952 views, last 24 hours 72,390 shares
Sometimes going viral is influenced by other forces that become part of the storytelling process and benefit it. In this case the release of his Cd WILD ONES on July 3rd and the constant playing of the song on the radio greatly impacted the music video’s views. As discussed earlier timing is a significant attribute to going viral as well as components that accompany the published content.

2. View from the ISS at Night

This video is extremely unique. It is a photo compilation of space taken aboard the ISS paired with music.

Description: Published July 16, 2012, 1.3 mill views, 7,933 likes, 242 comments
Not everyday does something space related go viral. Mostly because it isn’t the easiest content in the universe to acquire. This video is starting to go viral because it is very different from other content, most of which is humor related. “View from ISS at Night” proves that presenting something that is uncommon and relative to an audience will do well. The song that accompanies the video, is easily accessible via an iTunes link under the video. This doesn’t just help with the song going viral, but also promotes more exposure to the video.

3. Michelle Jenneke Dancing Sexy as Hell at Junior World Championships in Barcelona 2012
Michelle Jenneke was captured in the peak of her excitement before running a race. In looking at the 11 million views it has obtained, it seems her excitement is contagious.

Description: Published July 18, 2012, 11,390,053 views, 28,677 likes
Capturing that certain moment may just spread like wild fire. This video takes the simple concept of a female athlete expressing excitement about competing, adding odd music, some editing and turned it into a viral success. Sometimes the simplest things in life turn out to be the most relatable and appealing to people.

4. 20 “Bad Guys” And The Actors Who Portrayed Them
Remember all those actors that played the “bad guys” that we secretly wanted to be like. Well they were portraying real criminals believe it or not.

Description: Published July 21, 2012, 47,102 views
These pictures present reality v. film. Comparisons like these are often attractive because viewers are interested in knowing if the actor really was an accurate representation of the real person. Visual comparisons are often popular because they are easy to comprehend and share.

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