Storytelling Lessons from Snoop Dogg

No one raps a story like the legendary Snoop Dogg. His infamous and chronic ( if you will) career is built on the concept of storytelling. As discussed in previous posts, the strategy of brand storytelling is imperative.   No matter if the author is a rapper or a company, telling a story is what captures people’s attention and provokes emotional attachment.  In Snoop’s case, who is a brand himself has acquired thousands upon thousands of loyal fans.    It’s no surprise the rapper proves to be a stellar storyteller via social media too.  Lets be honest there’s not too much that the Dogg can’t do. 

 1. Doggystyle

Think of it as..

The promotion of something like the song “La La La” can be thought of as being built around a story. It has a beginning, which is the build up; previews, contests, giveaways etc. Then the main event is the release of the song. Lastly, the ending is the feedback from people who might  might be provoked to write their own story.  How you tell the story and what it is  about is up to you. 

2. Game Don’t Wait


Snoop Dogg is a very active Tweeter, sometimes updating every 30 minutes .  Not to mention, he has 9 million followers.  He also has a new logo, which he uses both on his Twitter and Facebook. The new logo correlates with the release of his new song “La La La” from the forthcoming album Reincarnated. Being consistent when it comes to using social media is helpful in building a community.  Once you set the precedent of how many times you tweet or the number of photos you upload or the use of your logo followers start to become familiar and often start expecting that.  This expectation is not a bad thing it is evidence of brand loyalty.


2. The Next Episode 

That deserves Documentation

Snoop is a pro at documenting excerpts of his life via Instagram or Viddy.  He gives his fans just enough information  keep them thirsty and begging for more. Like this less than a minute Viddy video where he is dropping beats with a fellow rapper.  Snoop is all about being himself allowing fans to get to know him on a deeper level.  Using a new mode of technology like Viddy promotes you and the new platform , as well as sends the message you are on top of you game and active in the social media world.


3 The Doggfather


One monetizing component of the Snoop Dogg story is his “Snoops Market Page”, which is strategically linked to his Facebook. Everything Snoop is easily accessible on his Facebook page. By taking the extra time to hyperlink something or writing a more detailed description really makes the difference for fans.  Many notice this and appreciate it.  Not to mention it also ties the story of your brand full circle.


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