What is going Viral at the 2012 Summer Olympics?

Even if you aren’t a die-hard Olympic fan I am sure you have caught at least a few moments from the historic athletic event.   The web is swarming with Olympic viral videos and photos.  Since the events are filmed live mistakes, injuries, and just plain funny bloopers are captured.  The athletes’ pressure to perform their best, accompanied by millions of people watching them, and a rush of adrenaline proves to be the perfect ingredient for viral content.

1. Diver Stephen Fleck back flops

It is a bit difficult to find a video of this flop (literally and figuratively) on the web due to the IOC (International Olympic Community) forbidding it from being uploaded and forcing the already existent ones to be taken down.

2. “NBC family Bob”

Not everyone is stoked about the Olympics.

A reporter from a NBC affiliated station bashes Bob Costa, the Olympic reporter for running 7 minutes over into his newscast.  It doesn’t look like his colleagues were as offended as he was.

3. Foul Play

U.S. and Spain girls water polo got a bit vicious when one U.S team member  yanked at the top of a Spain opponent exposing her boob to the millions of viewers.  By the way that type of rough play is legal in Water polo as long as it is underwater.

4. Celebratory outing with his Medals

Michael Phelps went clubbing with his gold medals thinking they would be good company.  Not sure if he wacked everyone in the face while dancing in the club, but he does seem very content to be back to his old partying self

5. “It was not erect.”

US Rower, Henrik Rummel may have gotten a wee bit too excited for the type of bottom apparel was wearing.  While accepting his bronze medal among his team mates it seems the world got a glimpse of his….Well I am sure you get it (middle guy)

6.Women’s Volleyball gets their sexy on for ESPN

Its not all fun and games for the U.S. Women’s Water polo players.  They make time to release their sexy side for a ESPN photoshoot.

7. Not the easiest person to interview.

Out of all the athletes Ryan Lochte, 400 IM gold winner is probably one the least excited to be interviewed by the press.   His lack of information he provides and monotone voice proves to be a hit among viewers.

8. USA Olympics Swim Team-Call Me Maybe Parody

Yet another “Call Me Maybe” parody.  The US Swim Team thought it would be cute to lip sync to the song while on the plane and swimming.  How many more of these parodies before viewers stop viewing?

9. In yo face.

With the press on all parameters of the Olympics don’t fail to capture even the most embarrassing facial expression.

10. Chinese hurdler Liu Xiang-hurts Achilles

This is actually a sad video because it involves one of the most painful injuries.  Liu Xiang didn’t tripped on one of the hurdles and hurt his achilles.  What makes this video significant is while Liu Xiang  hobbles to go sit down he has a second thought and finishes the race hobbling to the finish line and kisses the last hurdle.  To top it off, he is walked back by his fellow Olympic Competitors.  Talk about perseverance.

Did we miss any? Leave a URL of a video or picture in the comment section.  We would love to hear from you.

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