Best Practices for Virurl Advertisers

So you have applied via to be an advertiser on Virurl.  You have received an email confirming that your content has been approved to promote.  You login in to and click on “Advertise” on your Navigation bar.  You click “Create Ad” and you are presented with some options on how to design your ad.  You start playing around with the sliding bars, but then you start second guessing your decision to make the Cost-Per-Click (CPC)  $.02 instead of $.04.Then for the Duration of the Ad you aren’t sure whether 5 days or 7 days is better……???????

To remove some of this “ad creation” anxiety we are offering some tips that will help your ad reach its’ highest potential.

1. Design Ad to reach highest potential   

  • Be sure to Select Category & Coverage (ad will appear both on VIRURL homepage News Feed, as well as corresponding sub tab).
  • Select US, UK, Canada Visitors Only or Worldwide Visitors for geo targeting. This will depend on what type of content you have.  If you are talking about something that is only offered in the US, UK, Canada then it would be best not to open it up to Worldwide because it’s probably not relevant to them any way. Depending on what is selected all other clicks coming from elsewhere will be free.
  • CPC drives distribution speed.  If campaign is time sensitive, higher CPC will deliver best results.
  • Be sure to allow a long enough Duration of the Ad to correspond with budget (link will never die, even after ad budget is exhausted, but ad will no longer be displayed on  Which means if a user tweeted your link and your funds run out the link will still appear in his tweet allowing you more traffic for FREE.

2. The thumbnail is a Deal Breaker

Recommended size: 610 x 406 Png, Jpeg

The better quality and and more interesting the picture is the more apt users will click.





3. Creative Captions

For fun try editing a caption on to your thumbnail like “Exclusive”.  This is an extra touch that many people find intriguing and will prompt them to click .

3. Thoughtful Description

Don’t be afraid to get creative with the description of your ad that will appear on the side of the thumbnail.  Using a question or unique adjectives often  provoke the user to read on and be moved enough to share it with their friend.

4. Test Content Without Walls

If you usually have a content wall try not using one.

5Ads with Geographic Elements

In your description try not to mention a specific place, which would make the users not in that location feel left out and not interested in clicking.

6. Keeping an eye on your Ad Dashboard

Virurl provides detailed performance statistics that allow you to see how well your ad is doing.  This allows you to edit and try something new if you feel the need.

  • Edit ad mid-flight if it is under-performing.
  • CPC cannot be reduced but can be increased.  Be sure to start with low CPC and increase if quicker distribution is needed.

7. Timing

  • Sharing spikes at 11am & 8pm EDT
  • Post at 10am and 7pm

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