Viral Lessons from the Olympics-Part 1

 1) Brand storytelling

P&G (Proctor & Gamble) a sponsor of the 2012 Summer Olympics has decided to tell a story heavily involving mothers.  Conveniently, this company is a multinational manufacturer of products whose major consumer is mothers.  They have decided to literally integrate their target audience into their marketing campaign, instead of indirectly doing it.   To promote engagement P&G also took “Thanking Moms” to the next level by having a link connect to their Facebook  page under their YouTube video promoting “send your mom a message”.  P&G has successfully created a brand story that provokes emotions and engagement while at the same time incorporating their top consumer as the main character. 

 2) Timing

Timing isn’t just important for the Olympic athletes competing in the events.  Timing is also important when capturing and posting content. Usain Bolt the fastest man ever knows just a bit about how much time matters.  If you are lucky enough to capture that phenomenal moment that happens in a blink of an eye you posses the key to going viral in your hands. The other half to going viral is knowing when the most time is to post that precious video or other type of content .  1. Wake Up! – 4 a.m. PST 2. Afternoon Coffee -2 p.m. PST   3. Chill out- 8 p.m. PST

  3) Content (and lots of it)

If you take a look at the NBC Olympic website , the controversy regarding the delayed coverage aside, there is a major lesson to be learned. The creators of this site really spent their time organizing, brainstorming intriguing topics, and developing discussions and engagement.  The content on the site gives visitors a 360 degree experience who the athletes inside and out by providing profiles linked to their personal twitters.  As well as the history of the legendary games.

4) Sex Sells

This is nothing new.  In the Olympics’ case, one side of the events are very historic and serious while the other is sexualized.  Take the ESPN US women’s volleyball team or the Candace Parker bare to minimum photo shoot. These chiseled athlete’s  sexy side are revealed and capitalized on.  In a way the photo shoot is saying don’t just watch the event because of the sport, but watch it because of the bikinis these ladies will be wearing.

5) Gossip 

I mean who doesn’t want to know who Michael Phelps is dating or where Ryan Lochte is partying?  Most everyone wants the dirt on the athletes who are in the spot light for the next few weeks. The press is always looking for something to tarnish their immaculate images.  If there are pictures to back it up even better.

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