Tumblr and Virurl go hand in hand

Why share Virurl content on Tumblr? The answer is simple; it’s where all the content lovers hang out.  What’s better than hanging out with all the cool kids? What we mean by cool kids are the people who appreciate your post so much so that they click on it and make you money.  So far this is sounding like a win-win situation, right?

Virurl Users: If you already have a Tumblr blog here are 3 steps on how you post Virurl content stories on it

1. Click the share Button and a Share Option Button will appear.Click Post to Blog.

2. Pop up will appear fill in information.

3. Then check it out on your blog!

Virurl Users: Don’t have a Tumblr Blog?  Here are the reasons why you should create one.

Most Shares on Virurl originate from Tumblr: Out of all Virurl’s share options statistics show that most of our Users share Virurl stories/links on tumblr.

Room for Diversified Creativity: Tumblr is so adamant about promoting its Users that the company sent 20 bloggers to New York Fashion week last year.  Visuals are pertinent.  Tumblr doesn’t have a formal format that requires multiple paragraphs like WordPress blogs often do.

 Join the Party:  Whether the blog is for personal or work use it’s a good idea to join the blog platform that has over 60 million accounts worldwide.  Tumblr is “googled” more than the word blog.  Being apart of this community allows 4 things:

  • More content/brand exposure
  • You are exposed to other’s content
  • Monetizing your blog by posting Virurl content stories for others to click on and share
  • You get to follow goingvirul.tumblr.com

 User-friendly: Figuring out how to change the background among other changes on Tumblr doesn’t require you to possess the skill set of a professional web designer.

Minimum Time Commitment: Since Tumblr is visual based it is perfect for for people who want to blog, but don’t have tons of time to sit down and write an essay.

+Follow Virurl on Tumblr at goingvirurl.tumblr.com or make your own at Tumblr.com

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