Virurl Analysis

Lessons in going viral from our Top 5 Videos this week!

Stay current!

The Newsroom: The Tea Party is the American Taliban 

What’s this video got going for it?

  • Politics. There are few things that inspire people to such intense emotion as politics. And what do people want to do when they get inspired? Share it!
  • Relevance. This video was posted at the start of the GOP Convention in an election year. You can bet people have politics and voting on the brain!
  • A loyal audience base. The show has been hugely successful on HBO. —But how frustrating is it when your friends aren’t watching that show that you loove and you just want to TALK about it with them! You must get them to watch it!! — Enter YouTube.
  • Safety in fiction. The nice thing about this is: you can say all that mildly offensive but painfully honest stuff you’ve been suppressing all this time and–get this–no one can say anything because it’s fiction.  The viral success of this video shows: Everybody was thinking it–The Newsroom just said it.

Go ahead–Play with our emotions!

Kobe Bryant V. Michael Jordan 

  • Social Icons.  There are few sports stars that have reached the level of fame that Kobe and Michael have. We love them. Put them in a video together? I WILL WATCH THAT!
  • The drama.  Pitting our two beloved heroes against each other to dual it out via archival video clips? It’s almost too much!
  • The MUSIC! Remember: Human beings are sentimental creatures. Put this to some intense instrumental music–now it’s too much! Aaaand I’m sharing it.

Be iconic!

Terry Crews Old Spice Muscle Music

  • Terry Crews. (Enough said.)
  • Novelty. Like the Bike Hero video from our previous post, this video has a genuinely novel idea! Have you ever seen someone play a musical instrument with their pecs? Me neither. But you’d like to see it!
  • It’s interactive. Any time you can involve your audience, do it. Make it fun!

Don’t be afraid to be trendy!

Be Water My Friend: Bruce Lee Remix 

  • Auto-Tune. From Mister Rogers to Barack Obama, everybody’s getting auto-tuned these days. There’s no shame in jumping on the band wagon-probably just a lot of views instead.
  • Vintage Bruce Lee. Don’t forget what we said about being sentimental. Take advantage of the things and people that viewers love to love!

And if all else fails–just be friggin’ adorable!

11 Month Old Twins Dancing to Daddy’s Guitar

Because after all, who doesn’t love 45 seconds of sheer, unadulterated joy to brighten their day?

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