Our Top 5 Blogs!


“It’s just what it sounds like.”


Animals. Let’s face it: We like them more when they act like us. When they have crippling hangovers, share our mildly unhealthy obsession with Game of Thrones, forget to floss, make unfortunate choices regarding fashion, and have an irrational fear of spiders. Anthropomorphism isn’t a new phenomenon when it comes to blogging. (‘Fuck Yeah, Interspecies Friendships’, ‘Animals Being Dicks’, and ‘Text From Dog’ can attest to that) But ANIMALS TALKING IN ALL CAPS’ running commentary on pop culture, politics, relationships, and life in general just takes the cake for us.

Each post is like one of those little bit-sized candies you just can’t stop eating. They’re so small and delicious! It’s totally fine if I just eat another seventeen! And then, before you know it; it’s been 3pm on a Thursday and you’re still in your pajamas. This is the power of ATIAC.

On top of doling out these little observational gems of hilarity, Justin Valmassoi; who writes the blog, is the kind of guy you just like. He showers his followers with gratitude and periodically posts updates, candidly detailing the happenings of his personal life. We’re not sure how Mr. Valmassoi so expertly balances hilariously honest observations, witty social commentary, and all those pictures of adorable animals, but he does. And he’s mighty good at it too.

Literally Unbelievable

“Stories from The Onion as told by Facebook”

It’s like a car crash: you just can’t look away.

Blogger Hudson Hongo collects facebook threads expressing honest outrage at fake news. Literally Unbelievable achieves an exquisite combination of  amusement, disappointment, fascination, hilarity, and dread. The impassioned outcries of ignorant indignation create a truly fascinating drama. Thank you Mr. Hongo for bringing it all  together for our viewing pleasure.

Watching someone embarrass themselves with such a sense of righteous conviction, for all its amusement, can be a bit painful at times. But Literally Unbelievable is worth any squirmy feelings of ‘sympathy-embarrassment’ you might experience. After reading a United States Congressman’s disgust at the Onion article “Planned Parenthood Opens $8 Billion Abortionplex”, I assure you any internal conflict you may have had about enjoying a laugh at another’s expense, is immediately resolved.

I Love Charts

Charts, charts, and more charts

A picture is worth a thousand words–With six categories of charts, two talented curators, and an extensive archive; I Love Charts is worth about a bajillion words.

We love the equal-opportunity approach to charts that this blog takes. With subject-matter ranging from how to moonwalk to a comparative analysis of words used in the Republican and Democratic National Conventions, there’s a little something for everyone.  If you’re into data and information being expressed in a logical and visual way, then you’ll be into this blog. Trust us. We’re nerds.

Brooklyn Mutt

News, politics, media & pop culture

I am speechless. Speechless! I have no speech.

The blog for people who like to be up to date on the important things, but also appreciate a good meme now and again.

As a TIME Magazine Must-See Tumblr Blog, one of BuzzFeed’s Best Tumblrs of 2011, and one of HuffPo’s 33 Tumblrs you NEED to follow, the Brooklyn Mutt is not lacking in accolades. And rightly so. The blog boasts 35,000 followers and has a strong track record of relevant and interesting posts. We love this blog for it’s ability to stay on top of current events with insightful, at time poignant quotes, tweets, articles and images. Blogger Peter Wade not only manages Brooklyn Mutt, but also writes for The Daily and blogs for SportsNet NY.

Laughing Squid

Art, Culture, and Technology

RGB Colorspace Atlas: A Cubed Book Depicting Every Color Imaginable

Laughing Squid, founded by Scott Beale in 1995, is an independent web hosting company with two delightful blogs. This, their tumblr, is an addictive assemblage of posts from their other blog and anything else interesting on the internet. With a mission to bridge the gap between the art and technology communities, there’s always a fascinating collection of posts and articles that appeals to the creative as well as the technical.  It’s a real challenge to follow this blog and not exclaim, “Coooooool!!!” at every post!

Scott Beale serves as Editor in Chief with support form a small team of editors and writers as well as a long list of guest bloggers.

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