Lessons From a Feminine Product Company On How To Use Facebook. Take Note.

It’s unfortunate how many companies never realize the marketing potential in facebook. The site has a billion users (literally a BILLION!), half of whom log in every single day. It is available in 70 languages and in almost every country around the world. Whatever your target market is–it’s most definitely on facebook (Looking up pictures of its ex).

There are a few companies however, that have tapped in to the powers of ‘the book’. (Grey Poupon and the Society of Good Taste is a particular favorite.) Most recently though, a UK feminine products company called Bodyform, with a history of terrible ad campaigns jumped on board. (Hurray!)
On October 8th, Richard Neill posted a mildly clever, but mostly just snarky comment on Bodyform’s facebook page. The comment went viral and reached over 84,000 likes. Meanwhile, Bodyform itself has just over 4,000. This is what Richard wrote:

With this story spreading virally over the web, Bodyform had to do something. Considering its marketing team’s track record consists of  heinous ads like the one below, we weren’t expecting much.

Luckily someone at Bodyform saw this facebook comment as the opportunity that it was and responded with this stroke of genius:

Instead of being the secondary character in a typical viral story, Bodyform took the reins. By choosing not to merely react, but to respond and go on the offensive instead; this feminine product company from the UK gained themselves international exposure and almost 2 million views on YouTube.

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