VIRURL Updates, BlogWorld, CES

To start, we have a great announcement – VIRURL has now shared over 4,000,000 sponsored stories successfully.

We’ve made some big changes to help content owners do what they do best – focus on their content. The notable changes are:

  • RSS Ads (read about it on Techcrunch)
  • Daily budget
  • Advanced Scheduling


VIRURL launched RSS ads to make it easier for advertisers to acquire audiences. Now, programmatically every time an advertiser posts a new piece of content – VIRURL monitors RSS feeds and instantly launches a campaign with relevant publishers and influencers.

Daily Budget

To further help advertisers maintain a steady flow of new audiences, we have released the ability to set up a daily budget around a piece of content. For as little as $20 a day – advertisers can now automate a daily stream of new readers and viewers.


Over the last six months many content owners were interested in setting up future campaigns with calendar scheduling. In one session advertisers can create multiple campaigns with different start and end dates.

Going VIRURL at BlogWorld and CES

We gave away $50 in free advertising coupons for new advertisers and onboarded several great influencers and publishers to the platform at BlogWorld. We are more excited than ever to see the tools available for bloggers improving. We expect 2013 to be bigger and better as bloggers try out new services that are designed to make their experience easier.

One thing was crystal clear at CES – gadgets are being designed to better display new formats of content. 3D sans-glasses content, 4K vibrant content and multi-layer displayed content will improve the way we consume entertainment and information.

If you missed our giveaways this time around, make sure you check us out at SXSW.

There were also some notable airwaves on VIRURL in the past few months:

Thanks again for all your continued support. We continue to work hard on shipping product enhancements to make it easier for our publishers to monetize with engaging, relevant sponsored content.

Thanks for reading,

Francisco Diaz-Mitoma, CEO

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