Virurl launches In Stream Ads

We recently announced the launch of VIRURL‘s latest product – In Stream Ads. These ad units allow publishers of all sizes to earn revenue from posting relevant sponsored content directly to their blogs. The result is an “ad unit” that is contextual and unobtrusive to the audience, while looking beautiful on all devices.




Content publishers using VIRURL’s technology receive an email once a relevant sponsored post matches their blog’s audience. The publisher controls what is pushed through and advertised on their blog based on content, budget and cost per click.

How to try In Stream Ads: 

  1. Sign up to VIRURL
  2. Submit your WordPress or Tumblr’s details
  3. Wait for VIRURL admin to approve your blog
  4. Click on Post to Blog when you receive an email from us that you would like to earn revenue from!

virurl instream


Get paid every two weeks via Pay Pal. It’s that easy.

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