This Native Advertising Campaign is Older Than You

The term “native advertising” is trending around the world from Wallstreet to the present day Mad Men ad agencies. Although the term is relatively new, native advertising has been around since the 1930’s.

The term native advertising is generally described as a piece of sponsored content or media that looks and feels like the rest of the experience. If that is the definition you use, Procter & Gamble may have invented native advertising in 1927 when trying to sell Oxydol via radio:

Source: Procter & Gamble

Source: Procter & Gamble

Oxydol soap was created in 1914 and purchased by Procter & Gamble in 1927. P&G sponsored the Ma Perkins Radio Show and heavily promoted Oxydol to reach women. This moment in advertising put the “soap” in “soap operas”:

Is there another old example of native advertising you enjoy? Please comment below.

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